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ASA Thunderstorms and Airplanes

ASA Thunderstorms and Airplanes


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Flying defensively in thunderstorm country.Staying out of trouble takes more than a resolve — it takes savvy. Richard Collins provides an in-depth understanding of why, when, and where the most lethal of weather hazards are likely to develop and gives practical advice on flying well clear of them.Only the view and feel from the left front seat, and the knowledge of what creates thunderstorms can equip the pilot to make good decisions that lead to a safe flight. Legislators want to regulate and require complete abstinence from areas that are candidates for storms, but storms defy precise definition. It's nearly impossible to pinpoint in advance the exact time and place they will occur.What really happens when machine meets storm is explained here, with sound advice on how to maneuver your way out. Collins brings you to the scene of aircraft that danced one-on-one with the ultimate weather phenomena; detailed analyses that help you improve your own weather-related decision-making. In this way he sheds light on how the airlines reduce their exposure to storms, with intriguing, possibly life-saving reading for all pilots who must safely share the skies with thunderstorms.


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