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Airline Pilot Technical Interviews

Airline Pilot Technical Interviews


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There are many variations of technical questions that can be asked in an interview; however there is a specific approach a pilot should take in preparing for this section of the interview. Author Ron McElroy provides an abundance of exercises in the areas of: mental math approach plates AIM regulations weather systems and aerodynamics and cockpit situations to analyze and resolve. Aspiring professional pilots will be prepared to display their flying skills during the simulator ride as well as their aeronautical knowledge during the face-to-face oral questioning. Not only will this book ensure better performance during a technical interview or test but you may learn something new that will help you fly the line a little better. I found Airline Pilot Technical Interviews very thorough. It covers a great deal of material and is a must-study for any pilot applicant. , Dale M. Lutz Captain B-767/757 Pilot Mentor Program Leader United Airlines Soft cover illustrated glossary and index included 144 pages.

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