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ASA Pilot Medical Handbook - Human Factors for Successful Flying

ASA Pilot Medical Handbook - Human Factors for Successful Flying


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Being a safe pilot requires more than completing flight training and staying current. Full competency comes from the ability of a pilot to develop a keen awareness of the physiological aspects of flying, as well as those that influence workload and fatigue, decision making, and situational awareness. The Pilot Medical Handbook was compiled as a guide for study in these areas. With the Medical Handbook for Pilots Advisory Circular (AC 67-2) long discontinued, this new handbook is the only printed resource available with a collection of applicable FAA and Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) documents, articles and reports.

Topics include:

    Assessing and determining personal minimums
    Medical certification questions and answers
    Stress management
    Information for pilots considering LASIK surgery
    Visual illusions and spatial disorientation
    Flying safely with passengers
    and much more!

Pilots must thoroughly consider the human element and inherent physiological aspects of flight—as well as the machine and weather—if safety is to be maintained. Pilots can use the plentiful information in this handbook to help them make consistent, informed go/no-go and inflight decisions.

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