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Spark Plug: URHB32E Tempest

Spark Plug: URHB32E Tempest


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Tempest Aviation Spark Plugs are the most innovative spark plugs in the aviation industry. Made in USA they feature a high conductivity copper core center co-extruded inside a nickel alloy sleeve ensuring outstanding heat and electrical conductivity while the nickel sleeve offers high resistance to corrosive combustion gases with its high alumina ceramic insulator and a proprietary glass center seal. , Features, Nickel Finish - environmentally preferable electrolytic nickel provides outstanding durable finish, superior corrosion protection, and extreme wear resistance.,Nickel Ground Electrodes- aviation grade nickel electrode design focuses on minimizing sparking voltage requirements while maintaining specification gaps to ensure large, stable 'flame kernels' for on-time ignition and complete combustion.,Vacuum Infused Center Electrode - proprietary, vacuum infusion process seals electrode/insulator gap providing stable heat range and superior center electrode cooling (heat flow to the insulator).,Hot-Lock Assembly - intense pressure and heat create positive, zero-leakage, shrunk in seal between insulator and shell to contain the hot, high pressure combustion cycle gases.,Harness Wire Contact - smooth, uninterrupted, oxide treated spring contact surface offers enhanced corrosion resistance, is chemically bonded to the fired-in resistor providing the ultimate harness/spark plug termination integrity and energy transfer.

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