Active cancellation over a deep broad range of low frequency noise. Comfort and Durability

Weighing in at 13 ounces extended wear is a pleasure. A thin low-profile stainless steel headband helps with cabin clearance and adds durability.

Magnesium Ear Cups

Designed for comfort with plush ear seals the magnesium ear cups extended range performance profile is superior at blocking out high frequency noise.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Full stereo music streaming (A2DP) compatibility allows wireless connection from Bluetooth phones or other devices.

Cell/Music Connection

An integrated control box input allows you to connect a cell phone music player or iPod for a range of communication options.

Front Row Center (FRC)

A Lightspeed exclusive technology automatically adds a dynamic surround-sound like quality to music.

Auto MusicMute

Receiving radio communications is a snap with MusicMute which automatically decreases a music player by 80 percent lessening the chance of missing important interactions.

Stereo or Mono

Match audio panel inputs with a quick switch to stereo or mono.


Carrying case cell/music patch cords 2 AA batteries and foam wind screen.

Sold out.

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