Over 4,000 slides are included from the Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI and Flight Maneuvers Virtual Test Prep™ courses. 4 CD-ROM set with slides from ASA's VTP DVD Series! Add professionalism, organization, and clarity to your classroom with these PowerPoint slideshows and animated graphics. This comprehensive CF-ROM set includes all of the PowerPoint slides used in the Virtual Test Prep™ DVD Ground School Series. The slides are categorized and labeled to make them easy to identify for the course and lesson you want to use. The graphics can be viewed as a slideshow presentation, or you can use individual slides in your own presentation. Over 4,000 slides are included from the Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Commercial Pilot, CFI, and Flight Maneuvers Virtual Test Prep™ courses and cover the aeronautical knowledge requirements including: Aerodynamics Systems Flight instruments Regulations Procedures and airport operations Weather and weather services Aircraft performance Enroute and airspace Navigation Communication Arrival and approach Instruction fundamentals Maneuvers Physiology The Virtual Test Prep DVD series provides a comprehensive aviation ground school to prepare pilots for the FAA Knowledge Exams and help them become better, safer pilots. Contact ASA if you are interested in a Multi-User License for this product.

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