Airspace With 3-D graphics and animation, this comprehensive program demystifies the complex types of airspace in use today. Describes and explains the various classes of airspace, their operating rules, dimensions and charting symbols. Examples are given for each class of "alphabet" airspace as well as Special Use Airspace. Also includes invaluable sections on TFRs, national security areas, military intercept procedures and discusses the Washington, DC ADIZ and its laser-based Visual Warning System. This is essential information for all pilots. Weather Format Takes you step by step through the ICAO weather formats and abbreviations of METARs and TAFs. Learn to read and interpret aviation weather reports and extract additional clues they provide about atmospheric conditions. Also covers the basics of ASOS and AWOS reports and includes an interactive on-screen weather decoder that puts over 1,500 weather contractions at your fingertips. Lists contractions for METARs, TAFs, PIREPs and much more.

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