The Telex General Aviation to Airbus Headset Adapter allows an easy transition between your GA aircraft and an Airbus. This Telex product is compatible with ANR 500, Airman 850, Airman 760, Airman 750 and 5x5 PRO III headsets. Use the 60074-122 as an adapter between single XLR-5-12C to PJ-068 jacks. Convert your General Aviation jack into a single Airbus five-pin headset plug. Avoid purchasing an additional headset designed for Airbus models. Why invest in another expensive accessory when our Telex 60074-122 adapter cable will connect your GA headset with ease? The Telex airbus adapter is a compact and convenient cable that will fit right into your pilot bag. Use your headset in any aircraft with our selection of headset adapters. These cables are a fraction of the cost of a new headset! Invest in your adapter today and enjoy your General Aviation headset in any Airbus model.

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