Students preparing for their oral and flight test will find this manual helpful. Any pilot preparing for a Biennial Flight Review (BFR) can use this manual as a refresher on maneuvers that you may not have executed in quite some time. Multi Engine Flight Instructor applicants and Certified Multi Engine Flight Instructors will find this manual a beneficial teaching aid.

The manual breaks down each maneuver required on the Private Practical Test in six parts:
FAA objective for the maneuver.
FAA completion standards.
General description of the maneuver.
Detailed step by step textual description on how to execute the maneuver as recommended by the FAA.
References to FAA publications where the information was compiled from.
Detailed graphic profiles summarizing the procedure in a visual format.

Also included are airspeeds pitch attitudes bank angles power settings and configurations for a Piper Seminole PA-44 plus room to add the same information for up to three additional aircraft.

Benefits of this manual:
Only book of its kind.
Certified Multi Engine Flight Instructors can use this teaching aid as an excellent resource for preflight briefings.
Only detailed maneuvers manual with a spiral binding. Easy to lay book open flat in the classroom or in the cockpit.
Several flight schools use this manual as a standardization tool for all their instructors and students.
There is no other source that details the Multi Engine Pilot Maneuvers like this book.

Sold out.

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