The Innovative E-Learning program will teach the skills required to master operation of the G1000. The Jeppesen scenario-based guided simulation system will provide you comprehensive knowledge of all core functions for IFR use of the Garmin 1000. The Jeppesen Garmin G1000 - IFR Procedures training is a new and advanced extensive computer-based training program developed with input from Garmin that teaches the skills required to master the operation and confidently fly the G1000 in IFR conditions. Learn how to pull up and fly instrument procedures load and activate approaches including RNAV and GPS approaches new WAAS-enabled approaches such as LNAV LNAV/VNAV and LPV approaches departures and arrivals as well as performing course reversals holding patterns and executing missed approaches. The Jeppesen scenario-based guided simulation system provides complete and comprehensive training allowing the pilot to become proficient in all advanced functions and tasks required for IFR flight and greatly facilitates the transition to flying the Technically Advanced Aircraft and the Garmin glass cockpit.


Minimum System Requirements
Computer & Processor: 500 MHz processor or higher
Memory: 512 GB
Hard Disk Space: 600 GB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 or later
Display: 256 colors with 1024x768 resolution
Other Requirements: Sound card DVD-ROM Reader

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