Your Piloting Skills with Today's Best Navigation Guide Now Updated with the Latest Cockpit Technology and Tools! nThe Aviator's Guide to Navigation has been revised and updated to equip experienced pilots and aviation students with a complete tutorial on modern navigation systems. From the basics of dead reckoning to the most advanced glass cockpit EFIS systems the Fourth Edition of this comprehensive guide explains the full range of air navigation innovations covering all the new technologies and tools that have emerged in the past ten years. Everything a Pilot Needs to Know About Navigation Pilotage and Dead Reckoning
VOR Navigation Fundamentals
Distance Measuring Equipment
VOR/DME Navigation
VOR/DME Area Navigation
NDB Navigation
Ground-Based Radar Navigation
Instrument Approaches
Principles of Global Navigation
Inertial Navigation Systems
GPS Navigation
Long-Range and Over-Water Navigation
Non-Radar Navigation
Flight Management Systems The Next Generation Navigation System

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