Fascinating Aviation Facts. If you ever wanted to have an all-in-one-place aviation reference book, here it is. And it's got it all--fascinating information about every aspect of flying: historical, modern, recreational, military, and commercial. You can find the hard facts and statistics about the aviation industry and government aviation. There is also a complete aviation history, with all the makes and models, world records and race results, spanning the history of powered flight. And only The Aviation Fact Book has all these features in one volume: Specs and performance of contemporary aircraft, foreign, military, commercial; Manufacturing and sales statistics, historic and current; Quick references for formulas and conversion; Censuses of the aircraft in service now, and the pilot population; Addresses, telephone, and fax numbers of airframe manufacturers, aviation organizations, and museums; A complete list of the world's most prominent air races from 1909 to 1996; Organizational and government directories, with people and departments; Aviation on-line sites and too much more to list here. The Fact Book has it all, enough information to track down an elusive expert source, put together a sales forecast, or find information on all the planes manufactured in 1933. Whether you're an aviation professional or an avid enthusiast, if you need a reference work for your aviation library, this should be the one.

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