Learn and maintain the life-saving basics of safe flying. "The student could learn from this book."--Stephen Blucher, Colorado CAP Flyer. This best-selling book is a humorous, yet hard-nosed guide to the essentials of safe flying. A cornerstone of the Practical Flying Series, it's no ordinary dry instruction manual--it's highly readable, and abounds with real-life incidents from the NTSB archives. Author David Frazier, a crack pilot and flight instructor, shows clearly how every pilot can eliminate most of the causes of aviation accidents by having the right Attitude...using proven Basic techniques...and Communicating effectively: the ABCs of safe flying. He covers: total preflight check (pilot, too!); mastering maneuvers; ground track procedures; GPS navigation; multiengine flight; federal airspace system; emergency procedures; and a great deal more. This Fourth Edition is up-to-the-minute with new and updated information, new illustrations, a new chapter on multiengine flight, and updated federal regulations and policies. Flight safety and pilot preparedness are inseparable. With the wise and canny Frazier as a guide, both novice and seasoned professional can sharpen their competence, establish and reinforce safe habits, and maintain the professional attitude that ensure safe nights.

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