For a long time Tempo's familiar green and yellow primers have been a stalwart presence in the aviation painting world. But this granddaddy of primers is no fossil; it has been updated to be more environmentally friendly, or at least friendlier to our lungs. No more zinc chromate of yesteryear; zinc phosphate is much kinder. Will we miss its effectiveness? That remains to be seen, but we'd prefer using something that is not carcinogenic… Still, primer technology has moved on and Tempo's A-702 Green Zinc Phosphate Primer in the 12-ounce aerosol spray can combines new with tried and true for a formula fitting for any aluminum- and steel-based paint job. Standing up to the 800 hour salt spray test, bonding to raw metals like it was born there, this primer is pretty much what an industry leader should be. It's an easy process – just shake, rattle and spray – then apply to clean and stripped metal surfaces. It's tack free in 10 minutes and you can add your next coat shortly thereafter. In 48 hours you can add your topcoat – it's completely dry. Moreover, this primer is resistant to abrasion, adhesion, and corrosion. That's excellent.

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