With soft headpad cushions, adjustable headband, and on-the-head weight specs of only 3/4 oz., the 5x5 Pro III provides true lightweight comfort. Single receiver features single pliable, soft eartip receiver which provides better speech intelligibility than an earmuff-style headset in quiet to moderately noisy environments. High quality electret mic has flexible boom which can be worn on left or right side. Can be worn without headband by clipping to eyeglass bows or after market custom earmold. The headset is approved for aviation use under Federal Aviation Agency TSO C57 and C58A. Receiver and Eartip A magnetic receiver element is used. Sound is conducted from the receiver to the ear via a flexible vinyl tube terminated with a removable soft plastic eartip. The eartip fits in the ear canal of the wearer. Three eartip sizes are included with the headset to accommodate various ear canal sizes. Microphone and Amplifier A noise-canceling, electret element and microphone amplifier are used. The amplifier receives power from the aircraft radio via the microphone plug. The amplifier output level is adjustable through an opening in the side of the amplifier housing. (Adjustment by a qualified avionics technician is recommended.) For best performance the microphone should be positioned at the side of the mouth and close to the lower lip. Wearer Options The headset features a detachable headband and pivot assembly. The pivot may be rotated over a 180-degree range, permitting the microphone boom to be positioned on either side of the head. Alternately, the headband may be removed, and the headset may be worn on eyeglasses. An eyeglass adapter kit is supplied with the headset, and can accommodate wire or plastic eyeglass bows. The headset may also be worn with a custom ear mold (not supplied). The microphone boom may be positioned on either side of the head when using eyeglasses or a custom ear mold.

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