In Advanced Helicopter Flying, Hall of Fame helicopter instructor Don Fairbanks takes you into the world of commercial helicopter operations and demonstrates helicopter flight in hostile terrain such as snow, ice, high grass, water, etc. Our cameras put you at the controls of the popular R22 as well as many of the larger helicopters such as the Bell 222—which demonstrates flight in instrument conditions. See flight performance profiles of military helicopters as well as those flown by many Fortune 500 companies, including Sikorsky, Agusta and McDonnell Douglas. Explore the latest technologies and operational considerations of turbine engines, stability augmentations systems, GPS, tilt rotor and tilt wing equipment, sling loads and more. Also includes regulations for the commercial helicopter certificate. Advanced Helicopter Cross-Country puts this knowledge to use. You'll be in the Agusta A109C to visit downtown heliports in New York and Philadelphia as well as the Westchester County Airport (HPN) in White Plains, NY—one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world. You'll also ride along on a ferry flight in the A109C to Phoenix, AZ. Covers the unique operational considerations of both urban and rural helicopter flying as you cross over the Continental Divide and the desert Southwest. (3 hrs. 10 min.)

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