1-Pelican Case 1200 Waterproof Case 2-Axe with Holder 3-Knife with Fire Starter and Holder 4-Magnetic Compass with Holder 5-Survival Rescue Blanket 6-Tow Strap with Shackle and Mesh Bag 7-Pelican Flashlight 1920 Waterproof w/Batteries 8-Emergency Signal Mirror with Holder 9-Soft Plastic Bottle 11 oz. with Holder 10- Datrex Emergency Food Bar 1000 cal. 11-2 Datrex Emergency Water Bags 125 ml 12-SE 7-in-1 Survival Whistle 13-Orion Red Handheld Flares 14-Orion Dye Marker 15-Orion Sky Blazer Flare 16-Fishing Kit 5.5 yd Nylon, 2 Hooks, 2 Sinkers 17-Credit Card Size Multi tool Kit 18-First Aid Kit FAA requirement 99 Pcs.

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