The B2 Compute is the FLEX System computer bag and is perfect for anyone who wants a small, efficient 13” computer bag. The B2 consists of the End Cap Front, a Center Section 2, and a End Cap Rear. The outside dimensions of the B2 is 13.5” x 10.5” x 3.5”. (Remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.) See the SPECS tab for Inside dimensions. Storage on the B2 starts with the Front End Cap. • The Front End Cap has nine exterior pockets which gives you lots of ways to separate and organize all the little things that go along with a computer such as power cords, chargers, batteries, backup drives, USB drives, digital cameras, smart phones, tools, keys, etc. • Next, comes the CS2 (2" Center Section), which is designed to hold 13” laptops (Many, but not all, 14" laptops will also fit.) The CS2 can be accessed by opening the two zippers that open the entire rear panel, exposing a gray interior. • And finally, the Rear End Cap has three flat pockets that allows you to store your items. The main outside pocket with a flap for your iPad, todays charts, documents. The vertical-zippered slip pocket for manuals. And the flat half-height slip pocket for your checklist or boarding pass. This bag also includes the Portfolio Handle which can be attached to the Front End Cap. This handle will only be used when you decide to remove the CS2 and zip the Front End Cap and the Rear End Cap together to make a "Portfolio Bag". The Portfolio Handle is not strong enough to carry the entire B2. If you are looking for a small, flexible, efficient Computer bag, look no further than the B2 Compute.

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