Revised on 2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS: DISCOVERING NEW HORIZONS Building professional experience Training & opportunities Advanced human factors Principles of instrument flight Flight instrument systems Attitude instrument flying Instrument navigation The flight environment Airports, airspace, flight information Air traffic control ATC clearances INSTRUMENT CHARTS AND PROCEDURES Departure Departure charts Departure procedures Enroute Enroute and area charts Enroute procedures Holding patterns Arrival Arrival charts Arrival procedures Approach Approach charts Approach procedures Instrument approach VOR and NDB approaches ILS approaches RNAV approaches AVIATION WEATHER & IFR OPERATIONS Meteorology Weather factors Weather hazards Printed reports and forecasts Graphic weather products Sources of weather information IFR flight considerations IFR emergencies IFR decision making IFR flight planning COMMERCIAL PILOT OPERATIONS Advanced systems High performance powerplants Environmental and ice control systems Retractable landing gear Aerodynamic & performance Advanced aerodynamics Predicting performance Controlling weight and balance Commercial flight considerations Emergency procedures Commercial decision making Commercial maneuvers Maximum performance takeoffs Steep turns Chandelles Lazy eights Eights on pylons Steep spirals Power-off 180 accuracy Approaches and landings APPENDICES NOTAMs Index Study Question Answers

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