Hot Wings die-cast metal airplanes are collectible and extra sturdy!? They can stand up to the abuse a 3-year-old can give yet make great collector's items as well.? With limited production runs, stunning attention to detail, an affordable price, and the connectible sections of runway that come with each plane, Hot Wings are the must-have toy for aviation enthusiasts young and old. Please note: Hot Wings are recommended for children 3 years of age and older - and of course for pilots (aspiring or licensed) of all ages! With a large variety of modern and vintage aircraft in their line ranging from Air Force One to the Wright Brothers' plane to the most recent jets and helicopters, Hot Wings has the market cornered when it comes to reproductions of commercial, military, and private body styles in a wide variety of color schemes with authentic markings. Each 5" wide plane comes with: 1 section of flexible modular runway Collectable information card with facts about the plane Hot Wings collectors can have lots of fun connecting the runway sections to make their very own airport!

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