For Instructors and Applicants All pilots, whether they fly for pleasure, business, or as a career, must take a flight review every 2 years (sometimes called a Biennial Flight Review or BFR). This book provides complete preparation for pilots taking the flight review, as well as for the flight instructors conducting the review. The FAA offers different options for completing the Flight Review, and the book covers all of these in detail. International pilots can also use this book to help familiarize themselves with flight operations in the United States. This book is an effective tool for both the applicant and the flight instructor and has separate sections for each. The Sixth Edition has been updated to reflect current rules and procedures and includes: * Information for Private Pilots wanting to fly Light Sport Aircraft without a medical certificate (as a Sport Pilot). * Information pertinent to today’s operational environment and areas of emphasis such as ADM, risk management, scenario-based training, and the sport pilot and light-sport aircraft categories. * The FAA’s “Conducting an Effective Flight Review” guidance document provides specific recommendations for the ground review, flight activities, post-flight debriefing, and pilot improvement plans. * The FAA’s online Flight Review course is referenced throughout, encouraging both applicants and instructors to take advantage of this excellent (and free) new resource. * Questions-and-answer format for the ground review portion of the flight review is an excellent refresher for the information all pilots need to know. * Sample written quiz, which can be used to meet the ground training requirement. * For instructors, helpful recommendations on how to conduct the flight review, with a synopsis of practical test standards for the maneuvers at both the Private and Commercial level. * Appendix has reprints of the flight review regulation (14 CFR 61.56) and other helpful and important FAA resources, including a comprehensive checklist that helps both applicants and instructors ensure they not only meet legal standards but gain useful insight in following through with the flight review requirement. The flight review must include 1 hour of ground instruction as well as 1 hour of flight instruction. The information provided in this book may be used by instructors to fulfill these requirements. Soft cover, 152 pages.

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