As pilots we all know that oxygen is important to aviation safety and comfort. And, there are rules about the required use of oxygen by the pilot after 12,500 feet for more than 30 minutes or anytime above 14,000 feet. But, that doesn't mean that you can't begin to have low oxygen saturation at much lower altitudes. Flying as low as 5,000 feet, the body will start to demand more oxygen and functions like night vision can begin to be impaired. If you aren't flying with a portable oxygen system, keeping a Boost Oxygen can handy can be just the answer to keep you safe in the air and feeling better after landing. The average purity level of Oxygen in the air is 21%. Booost Canned Oxygen is 95% Pure! And, just a few deep breaths of Boost Oxygen helps you stay at your best. It is all-natural, and contains no caffeine, no calories or any other unnatural stimulants. This single 22 ounce Boost Oxygen can has a built-in, connected, mask that contains approximately 120-150 inhalations.

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