Ideal for both VFR and IFR pilots, or as a refresher for current G1000 users Learn all the “buttonology,” from GPS direct to full instrument approaches Scenario-based training goes beyond button pushing and emphasizes real world use Discover how to get the most out of the G1000’s digital flight instruments Ride along on two VFR flights, including a local flight and a cross-country Take an IFR cross-country flight, focusing on cockpit resource management with the G1000 Learn how to set up and fly different types of IFR approaches, including an ILS, LPV (GPS) and LNAV (GPS) Includes complete coverage of the integrated GFC-700 digital autopilot Learn how to use new features like electronic checklists and electronic charts Includes a detailed discussion of the electrical system, and how to work through both abnormal events and emergencies DVD is approx. 107 minutes.

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