Features: Covers all types of communications, including Air Traffic Control, non-tower fields, and emergency situations Detailed scenarios cover every aspect of both arriving and departing Class B, C and D airspace Learn all about en route communications, including how to get Flight Following with ATC Hear pilots making real communications, enhanced with detailed graphics and audio transcriptions Special section covers non-standard communications that you’ll hear in the real world--know what to expect after your checkride Use the interactive DVD menu to review specific topics, or watch the entire program for a thorough communications review Packed with nearly an hour of high quality video, and produced in widescreen format. In addition to the video, this also includes an MP3 audio file, so you can listen to the audio portion of the program on the go. Outside the United States? - Sporty's® DVDs have all DVD regions enabled and play on almost all DVD players (NTSC or PAL); consult your owner's manual for more information. Closed Captioning not functional on PAL DVD players. Attention International Students! Sporty's VFR Communications DVD has printed subtitles or captions (sometimes called under-titles). These captions are very useful for students whose first language is not English, as many students more effectively assimilate new material when it's presented in both verbal and written form.

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