Specifically tailored to provide the information necessary to prepare an applicant for FAA mechanic certification with airframe and powerplant (A&P) ratings, this volume emphasises theory and methods of practical application while giving the aspiring aviation maintenance technician the foundational knowledge required for A&P certification, such as mathematics, physics, and aerodynamics. This book is designed for use by instructors and applicants preparing for the FAA Airframe Knowledge and Practical Exams and also serves as an invaluable reference guide for already-certificated technicians who wish to improve their knowledge and practice. Logical chapter structure ensures consistent and efficient internalisation of the material, and the textbook is fully illustrated in colour with drawings, photographs, tables, and charts and also includes a glossary and an index. The specific topics covered include mathematics, aircraft drawings, physics, aircraft weight and balance, aircraft materials and hardware, cleaning and corrosion control, fluid lines and fittings, aircraft tools, records and logbooks, inspections, and ground operations. In addition, the guide outlines safety considerations and addresses how successful maintenance technicians incorporate knowledge and awareness of ethics, professionalism, and human factors in the field.

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