Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall during the checkride of the best student in your ground school class?

This Private Pilot Audio Checkride allows you to do just that. A narrator explains what you can expect during the checkride and then takes you into the briefing room where you are invited to listen in as a checkride gets underway.

Listen on your way to work at your desk or on your way to the checkride! Anywhere that is convenient for you. Listen without interruption and then listen again stopping after the question is asked form your own response and then start it up again to compare your response to this applicant's response.

This program contains one example of a typical practical test on audio track. You should study the printed Private Oral Exam Guide book to obtain a complete understanding of all the different types of questions that might be asked during your checkride.

Great Flight Review preparation tool!
Program contents on 2 CD-ROMs: Taking the Practical Test Certificates and Documents Weather Determining Performance and Limitations Airplane Systems Aeromedical Factors Night Operations and Cross-Country Flight Planning. Runtime: 2 hours 4 minutes.System requirements: Windows and Macintosh compatible. CD-ROM drive sound card and speakers.

Sold out.

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