An exact reproduction of a 1930's Art Deco Flight Clock. Hand crafted in airplane aluminum and hand polished. Nostalgic and chic. The original WWII and 1950 Travel Souvenirs were also cast in airplane aluminum and created as displays for travel agencies, or gifts to VIP travelers. Some were made by WWII mechanics in their spare time. Memories of a time when flight was still a very hands-on affair. Highly collectable now, originals from the forties and fifties are hard to find. Screaming Spitfires from the Battle of Britain, stately four-engine Constellations, last Hurrahs for the propeller driven aircraft. L. 13.98 in. / 35.51 cm. W. 2.76 in. / 7.01 cm. H. 4.13 in. / 10.49 cm.

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