Air traffic controllers can earn high salaries get great benefits and are in big demand as much of the current workforce prepares to retire. Industry reports claim that as many as 11800 NEW air traffic controllers will be needed over the next ten years.

Patrick Mattson's Air Traffic Control Career Prep introduces this rewarding career and is designed to help readers improve their chances of earning a high score on the FAA's Air Traffic Selection and Training Aptitude test (known as the AT-SAT)_ÑÓand therefore become candidates for air traffic control (ATC) positions. With general information on opportunities working conditions training and qualification requirements available roles and positions pay and benefits and contact phone numbers to get started this book and companion software includes more career guidance and employment and training information than any other available guide_ÑÓthe only one of its kind.

Specific education and experience requirements and the AT-SAT (the first of several tests involved in the ATC employment process) are discussed in detail in this book. The AT-SAT is also provided as test simulation using the companion software. Included CD-ROM the ATC Career Prep Software Suite helps readers to become familiar with and practice the 8 tests in the AT-SAT exam. So that readers can grasp the subjects covered sample questions and answers are provided including:

Scan abilities
Applied math
Dial reading
ATC scenarios
Letter Factory

Air Traffic Control Career Prep is a comprehensive guide to one of the best-paying Federal government careers with test preparation for the initial ATC exams. Includes references for further study as well as a full chapter of general ATC knowledge questions for which answers with explanations and resource references are given in the Appendix. Both the FAA and Transport Canada use tests of this type to select applicants. Appendix features answer keys and the Pilot/Controller Glossary. Illustrated 240 pages 8.25 x 10.75 format.Minimum system requirements:

Windows compatible processor 800 MHz or faster Windows (2000 & XP) 1.0 GHz or faster (Vista & Windows 7). 256 MB System RAM (Win2000/XP) 512 MB (Vista) 1024 MB (Win 7).

21 MB available hard drive space. CD-ROM drive. 800x600 minimum screen resolution. Mouse or other compatible pointing device.

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