Designed primarily for aviators who need a Pilot Flight Bag to pack multiple overnight items, such as clothes, shoes, coolers, etc., the B25 Carryall fits the bill when maximum space is required. Also excellent for those in the Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical field. The B25 is 13.5” x 10.5” x 19”. (And remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.) The B25 Carryall is the B10 with a CS11 zipped into the middle of the Front and Rear Bag. It's components are: Front Bag, Rear Bag, 11" Center Section and all four pockets, the Side Pocket Alpha (Large Radio/Water Bottle Pocket), the Side Pocket Bravo (Small Radio Pocket), the Side Pocket Charlie (Pen Pocket), and the Side Pocket Delta (Double Pocket). The interior of the B25 is gray so you can easily identify the items inside. The B25 is a Pilot Flight Bag designed primarily for pilots that are away from home for extended periods of time. The main CS11 swallows up multiple days worth of clothes. In addition to clothes, the CS11 will carry a small cooler. The CS11 comes with two vertical divider shelves. If needed, you can organize a 13” laptop, documents, and clipboards. As with any FLEX system bag, when not needing a Pilot Flight Bag with large CS11 capabilities, you can simply unzip and remove the CS11, and fly with the smaller, efficient B10. • On the Front Bag, you have the nine pockets on the front, followed by the main storage area. These front pockets hold your mobile phone, keys, wallet, fuel tester, flashlight, Multi-Tool, Biz cards, and a camera or electronic E6B. The main storage area comes with a divider shelf as well, and holds headsets or a GPS. On top of the bag is a pocket for sunglasses. There are two FLEX Mount Pocket stations on both sides of the Front Bag. • The CS11 is the largest Center Section in the FLEX System arsenal. The CS11 has a pocket directly on top for quick access to credit cards, change, small flashlight, etc. Opening the main compartment, you will find the CS11 comes with two vertical dividers for better organization of files, binders, or documents or even a 13” laptop. Remove the vertical dividers to open up the main compartment for clothes, dopp kit, cooler, etc. There are four FLEX-Mount pocket stations on the outside of the bag, two on each side. You can install any four of your choice of the FLEX System side pockets onto the sides of the CS11 at these stations, including the Side Pocket Delta (Double Pocket). • On the Rear Bag, you have six pockets to store your items. The main storage area is for charts, kneeboard, documents, a 13” laptop. Two interior small pockets for eyeglasses, markers, batteries. The main outside pocket with flap for your iPad, todays charts, documents. The zippered slip pocket for manuals. And finally, the flat half pipe slip pocket for your checklist or boarding pass. • The B25 can also fit onto telescoping suitcase handles. Unzip a zipper on the side of the B25 and slide the telescoping handle through the opening. This secures the B25 to the handle. The B25 will then sit on the top of the luggage. In addition to being an excellent Pilot Flight Bag, the B25 is perfect for the Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical fields. Utilize the large storage to organize forms, documents, a 13” laptop. Use the smaller interior and outside pockets for flashlights, radios, tools, ammo, mobile phone, keys, camera, and other personal items. The B25 is the ultimate Pilot Flight Bag companion for the traveling pilot. It allows you to add valuable storage, while keeping your gear organized the way you like it. Its versatility as a Utility Bag also lends itself to other markets where storage and efficiency are at a premium.

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