Rule number one in aircraft buying is to always buy with an eye towards selling. If you can't buy today and sell tomorrow at a profit, don't buy! That's easier said than done, of course. This book tells you how to make that happen not just some time but every time. Buy an airplane that violates ANY of the "Top Ten BUYER Wants" and you Will Absolutely have trouble selling it. Eventually you will succeed but at a steep discount and with many sleepless nights beforehand. This book teaches what those "Top Ten Wants" are and how to find a group of sellers that NO other buyer knows anything about. It will also show you that the most important log book to review is the current owner/pilot's log book not his airplane's airframe, engine or propeller log books. His log tells you HOW the airplane was flown. This book teaches you why that's so important. Now is the best time in the history of earth to buy a used general aviation aircraft for two important reasons. First, the asking prices for used airplanes offered for sale are at an all-time low when adjusted for inflation and seen as a percentage of the purchase price of a similar new aircraft. Second, money is cheaper than it has ever been. 132 Pages"

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