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Jeppesen Sanderson Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook

Jeppesen Sanderson Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook


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Thoroughly revised and updated, Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook by Jeppesen is a key resource for A&P technicians, homebuilders, pilots, and aircraft owners. Developed as a quick reference guide for the most common aviation technical information; it includes a compilation of hundreds of references such as ATA codes, tubing and wiring color codes, conversion tables, physics formulas, aircraft marshalling signals, tool identification and use guidelines, riveting guidelines, hardware tables, sheet-metal bend allowance & setback tables, aircraft drawing symbols wire assembly graphs and color code, fluid lines & fitting charts and color codes, torque tables, weight & balance formulas, and hardware identification.,Includes subjects like: , References such as ATA codes ,Tubing and wiring color codes ,Conversion tables ,Physics formulas ,Aircraft marshalling signals ,Tool identification and use guidelines,Riveting guidelines ,Hardware tables ,Sheet-metal bend allowance and setback tables ,Aircraft drawing symbols,Wire assembly graphs and color code ,Torque tables ,Weight and balance formulas,Hardware identification,275 pages. ISBN 0-88487-324-7, 9780884873242

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Jeppesen Sanderson

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