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ASA Welcome Aboard! Your Career as a Flight Attendant

ASA Welcome Aboard! Your Career as a Flight Attendant


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 The opportunity for a flight attendant career is more accessible now  than ever before. Airlines are actively recruiting applicants just starting on their career paths, as well as men and women ready for exciting second careers. Welcome Aboard! will provide you with  all the information you need to prepare for your flight attendant  interviews, and learn about the exciting challenges and lifestyle  changes that come with a flight attendant career. So, no matter what  your age or background, if you are ready for a challenge now is your  opportunity! This new Third Edition updates information regarding the  aviation industry, and new or changed/merged airline companies.,>,A flight attendant's job is  not solely conducted on an aircraft. Flight attendants make an impact on  the traveling public even as they walk through an airport, or while  waiting in a boarding area. On and off the aircraft, a flight attendant  is an example of the image an airline wants to project. Landing a job  offer with the airlines can be extremely competitive. Welcome Aboard! was written to help you excel in the eyes of interviewers, among the  other applicants. Awareness of a flight attendant's responsibilities and  understanding the important role of a flight attendant in the industry  will make you more competitive and better able to achieve this career  path. If you dream of having your office in the sky, this book is for  you!,>,Author Becky Bock is a flight  attendant and holds positions with a major airline such as flight  attendant interviewer and inflight trainer. She therefore provides an  insider's look at what it takes to obtain a job as a flight attendant. Welcome Aboard! includes a brief history of the industry, a comprehensive job  description, chapters on becoming a marketable applicant, preparing the  paperwork, conducting the interview, and common applicant concerns and  mistakes. Addresses and websites for the airlines and their employment  information are included. Softcover, glossary, 136 pages.,>


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